Our Board & Management

Ellen Chua

Ellen Chua

Non-Executive Director

Ms Ellen Chua, appointed to the Board on 14 January 2014

Ellen Chua is the founder and owner of Pace Advertising Private Limited which she started in 1963. It is one of the oldest advertising agencies in Singapore. She is also a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Management and graduated from Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration in 1991 under the Owner and President Management Programme. She was a Vice President of Singapore Women's Association for several years until she started her own social group known as 'New Women' in the 1970's. New Women is now serving more than 10 charitable organisations in Singapore.

Ellen Chua is a director of several private companies in Singapore. She does not hold, nor has she held, any directorship in other public companies.

S K Mah

Mah Seong Kung

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr MAH Seong Kung, appointed to the Board on 26 March 2015

Mah Seong Kung who graduated with an accountancy degree from the National University of Singapore is a Chartered Accountant (Singapore). Being formerly a registered person licensed to advise on corporate finance under the Securities & Futures Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, his experience and core competency is in investment banking and corporate advisory. Mah Seong Kung's prior work and professional experience includes being a director of a capital market services licensed advisory house, the general manager of a public company listed on the Singapore Exchange and an investment officer of a listed venture capital fund.

When performing the roles and functions normally carried out by an audit committee (if one is constituted) or when the board meets as the audit committee it will be chaired by Mah Seong Kung who has the relevant financial expertise.

Currently, Mah Seong Kung is an independent director and the chairman of the audit committee of Mercurius Capital Investment Limited, a public company listed on the Singapore Exchange.

Robin Chong

Robin Chong

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director

Mr CHONG Hock Tat Robin, appointed to the Board on 30 August 2011

Robin Chong is a finance graduate from Santa Clara University in the United States. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, a professional institution for managers incorporated in the United Kingdom by Royal Charter. The projects which Robin Chong has successfully invested and managed in the past include property management, internet technology start-ups, electronic publishing and education. He founded and incubated a private educational centre in Chongqing, China offering courses leading to the University of Cambridge International Examinations. Robin Chong has also successfully managed and brought to fruition an IPO and a subsequent FPO; he has also managed several acquisitions.

As Managing Director, Robin Chong is responsible for sourcing and assessing investment opportunities for the Company.

Bryan Loh

Mr. Bryan Phillip LOH Chuun-Ming

Non Executive Director

Mr Bryan Phillip LOH Chuun-Ming, appointed to the Board on 23 January 2017

Bryan LOH holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering from the University of Wollongong Australia. He is currently Sales Manager at Sanxing Pte Ltd and has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing. Bryan created the Aerospace Division of Sanxing and is a specialist in the Sales and Marketing of Aerospace Materials.

Linus Lin

Mr. LIN Zhiyi Linus

Non Executive Independent Director

Mr LIN Zhiyi Linus, appointed to the Board on 1 November 2018

Mr Linus LIN is a practicing lawyer.

He specialises in corporate and commercial disputes and his representative matters have included disputes relating to shareholders/directors, employment, banking, insolvency and international trade.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws (with First Class Honours) from the University of Bristol, U.K. He is admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor in Singapore and is a member of the Law Society of Singapore.

Bernard Yan

Bernard Yan

China General Manager

Bernard YAN has a wealth of experience from Management, Trading, the Food & Beverage Industry, Team Building, New Media Marketing, etc.

With humble beginnings in the trade of traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbs during his school days, Bernard has run a variety of businesses and traded various exotic commodities from Herbs, Firewood, etc, to Rare Wines. Bernard is renown in Chongqing for his expertise and professional management skills. Over the years, he has created the most successful chain of Western Restaurants in Chongqing Municipality. Besides physical operations of the restaurants, he has built a team of professional managers whom have now gone on to train and create their own management teams. Harnessing New Media Marketing, Bernard managed pre-opening sales totaling more than 200% of investment on his latest restaurant venture.

Bernard is a renown sommelier in China and holds advance certificates.




Rebecca is shareholder & manager of several businesses related to Education, Emigration and Bio-Technology.

Rebecca also acts as a Lobbyist on behalf of major International and Chinese Corporations.

He Jiguo

He Jiguo

China Partner

Substantial Shareholder

Mr HE Jiguo is 45% owner of Inner Mongolia Three Crystal Mining Company; he is our local partner in Inner Mongolia.

Mr HE was previously a Senior Banker with the Industrial Commercial Bank of China, Inner Mongolia Branch. He is trained in Finance and has received training in Chinese Law as well. Mr HE is a Real Estate Developer and is also a partner of a Real Estate Management Firm and a Landscaping Business.




Mr. Joseph Loy Graduated from University of Malaya with a BSc (Hons) Majoring in Geology and Chemistry.

He worked for the Public Works Department (Government of Singapore) credited as being instrumental in the preparation of the professionally acclaimed 1976 monograph Geology of the Republic of Singapore.

In addition, he also developed and managed a number of granite quarries in Malaysia, and acted as a geological consultant to a number of exploration companies and mine owners in Malaysia and Indonesia