Due to the vast varieties of Garnet and the varying types of production, we recommend new buyers of industrial garnet sand to visit our UNDERSTANDING INDUSTRIAL GARNET webpage.

With access to large size rocks of high concentration garnet, we are able to supply our customers with high quality products because we start off with high quality base materials:

  • We are able to supply Industrial Garnet Sand of various standard and non standard sizes of high concentration.

  • We are also able to supply Architectural Garnet Slabs for building and interior-deco purposes. Industrial Almandine Garnet when cut into slabs/tiles appear as beautiful deep reddish brown colored slabs with slate like patterns. Being one of the hardest natural materials with an inert nature, it performs better than slate, marble or granite in outdoor conditions and under punishing weathers. Highly Polished Industrial Almandine Garnet appear as lush rich deep reddish brown colored tiles.

  • In addition we also supply Garnet Sculptures made from Garnet Rocks. As Polished Industrial Almandine Garnet is visually appealing, it only makes perfect sense to have it carve into lovely works of art by craftsmen of the highest levels.


Industrial Almandine Garnet usually forms along Granite, as such Butter Orchid Granite Slabs is one of the products we supply.

Butterfly Orchid Granite is a dark colored granite with spots of white and or spots of reddish brown (garnet contents). What makes this granite attractive is the appearance of hologram like shades of silver within the rock which brings out the light when viewing this dark colored stone. Butterfly Orchid Garnet is usually cut into slabs or varying sizes for architectural purposes.