We strive to create good shareholder returns through prudent investments and professional management of our assets. Our Board of Directors are very supportive of our dedicated and professional management team. At I M Quarries we like to work with industry and market leaders to create good industry standard products. By studying market trends, we adjust our offerings to create brand new concepts and ways to perceive product value and uses, thereby creating fresh new products and niches.

The Houyao Garnet Mine

We are open to new ideas and welcome various permutations of cooperation and associations which bring mutual benefits to our partners and ourselves.

I M Quarries Limited is Listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia, NSX, i.e. Australia’s second largest listing stock exchange; also NSX is an Australian Market Licence holder (AML) - NSX holds an AML issued by the Minister in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Corporations Act, exactly the same as the ASX.

Our main products are the various grades of Sabretooth Industrial Garnet and the Highest Quality Butterfly Orchid Architectural Granite Slabs, bearing various concentrations of Garnet. Our source of Garnet comes from the Houyao Garnet Project in Horringer County, Hohhot City of Inner Mongolia, The People Republic of China. The Houyao Garnet Tenement <内蒙古和林县后夭石榴石矿地> has a total of 20.43 million tonnes of JORC Defined Mineral Resource. It is "PROBABLY the BIGGEST" source of Almadine-Spessartite industrial rock garnet resource in one single location from the Archaean and Pleistocene Period. Our Operating Company holds the Mine Designation Approval to the 0.95km2 "Houyao Garnet Project".